Bau Dizajn


About us

BAbout Bau Dizajnau Dizajn is a creative graphic/web design and development studio.

Our first passion is design, second one is the Web. As a unit we will be reliable partners to you providing professional, unique work.

Our services include:

  • corporate identity, brand development, marketing and advertising
  • website design, website development, email marketing, social marketing

About Bau Dizajn

The Location

We are situated in the central Serbia, 144km from capital in town Čačak. We aim to provide to quality solutions to businesses regardless of location.

Our skills

We have a variety of skills and technologies we can implement for your business, these range from graphic design applications such as:

Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign which we use to produce websites, brochures, business cards and flyers. We are specialize in getting to know our clients’ vision, values and mission, then translating those into the visual language.

Than, in addition to front-end development, we have skills such as HTML, XHTML, CSS2, jQuery HTML5 and CSS3.
In order to make design live, we convert designs to high quality, cross-browser compatible, valid XHTML / CSS markup using Dreamweaver. We are also experienced with backend development such as PHP coding and mySQL; a relational database management system.